Great news! Your images from order number {ORDER_NUMBER} are ready for proofing.

The proofing process, seeks your approval of the images in order to advance to further productivity. If images are not to your liking please choose 'Request Changes' and reply to us with your concerns. You will also be required to provide a unique title for each image (if approving, provide the image titles then click 'Approved'). To proceed with this proof please complete the following requirements:

  1. Review your images and either approve them or request any specific concerns*
  2. Provide a new name for each image so we can update our production files

You have 3 days to reply to this latest proof which will otherwise be automatically approved, and an invoice generated for the photography work. Non-watermarked promotional images will be available for download (via email link) upon completion of your payment. If you are not ready to approve the images and have questions, please add them to 'your comments' below then choose Request Changes and we'll get back to you.

* With your original artwork in our studio we compare it against printed proofs as to determine consistency of colour and image resolution, however we do not edit imperfections out of your images. Imperfections such as pencil marks or paint spots are deemed to be part of the original work. If you require editing to remove blemishes from your images please request information about this service below in 'your comments'.

Mudgee Art House