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Flashback Photo Co.

Mudgee Art House proudly teams up with Flashback Photo Co, specialising in digital photo restoration, document restoration, archival printing, and scanning. We bring to each project a mix of technical know-how and artistry to achieve excellent results with all kinds of degraded images.

Breathe new life into old memories

Save an old photo from further deterioration or protect one of your most valued memories by copying and/or improving the photo so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Step 1: Bring your old photo in to Mudgee Art House.
Step 2: Your original photograph can either be sent away for full service or you can opt for it to be photographed or scanned at Mudgee Art House for an additional fee.

In some cases, we can use your digital files, however some limitations may apply.

Please note images require a printable resolution of 300 dpi in order to produce the most successful print.

You'll be amazed by the results

There is no magic wand that fixes damaged, old or deteriorated photos, instead it comes down to professional restoration using state of the art software and suitably skilled hands.

The degree of restoration is determined by the initial state of the image and then how much work is required to restore it. Most images can be restored from between $60-$200. More extreme restorations are also possible with some truly amazing results (price on application). It always pays to ask.


Turn your restored image into a long lasting and beautiful print.

Once your photo has been restored why not consider our fine art print options. Mudgee Art House prints onto 100% cotton paper – archival quality and the most beautiful way to print.

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