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Image. Print. Display.

Take your art production to a new level with archival reproductions (repros). Repros are not only a legitimate way to bring money to your studio, they also contribute toward building your brand story. There are two steps to take in producing archival repros: (1) image and (2) print, plus strict attention to detail throughout.

IMAGE: Photographic imaging

We photograph your artwork in a controlled light environment using high- caliber photographic equipment. A digital master file is produced for each artwork that can be used to create repros in a variety of formats and sizes. MASTER FILES: A master file is a digital version of a photographic negative, used to produce prints. The file type is unique to the camera that created the file and requires specialist software to read the file. The master file is manged by us and print orders can be made by emailing us an order. You can buy the master file from us if you wish to self manage.

PRINT: Giclée on Cotton

We produce superior quality print onto 100% cotton based paper using top of the line inkjet printing technologies – creating what is known as a Giclée print. True to Giclée standards colour precision is imperative. Precise colour is achieved when applying the infusion of colour profiles and light-fast inks onto quality paper.


In order to produce an archival product we use papers that are made from 100% cotton otherwise known as ‘Rag Paper’. Rag paper print is known for its desirable velvet like face and displaying colour and clarity second to none. Being museum grade, rag paper is acid free (archival) and made to stand the test of time.


If you prefer your repros printed onto canvas we have you covered. Our canvas is made from 100% cotton and prepared for digital printing. You can order your canvas unstretched and delivered in a tube – or we can stretch it for you.

Photography ~ Medium Format
Printing ~ Giclée on Rag
Framing ~ Archival

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