Mudgee Art House provides a specialised image enhancement service to assist with your marketing challenges as well as an enlarging service, enlarging your photos up to 6x the size while perfectly preserving image quality and provide for breathtakingly sharp prints.

Services range from editing a photo to imaging your Brand.


iPhone photos that really should not be printed any larger than A4 can now be printed the size of A1 - just as if they came out of a high-resolution scanner.

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash


Colour is critical!

Even more so for artists who run a business in Repro's of their work. The colour correction process can be as simple as adjusting/fixing your image, so it looks better or as critical as printing Repro test strips in order to get it exact.


Photographs are almost always affected by colour faults. Even studio photography may need some tweaking from time to time. Most colour issues are caused by incorrect white balance settings and sometimes by atmospheric reflections, such as the blue haze from the sky when photographing the ocean.

Other colour issues might not be colour so much as tonal issues where incorrect light values cause your picture to looking somewhat underwhelming and flat.

When using the Colour Critical process, we print versions of your print onto the rag paper to test the colour output of the file. This process is repeated until the process has reach the desired result.

Fee: Colour Critical Process $30 per print run which provides sampled sections of your image onto a paper strip that is approximately 112cm(W) x 20cm(H)

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


Photo corrections and manipulation can be tricky!

Sometimes what might take you hours to do with varying results, might in fact cost as little as $85 for fabulous end results.

Examples of Image Manipulation might include:

Removing people or objects

Repairing damaged

Background removal

Image Editing service costs $85/hr. Submit your enquiry below for a quote.