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Each Fine Art Prints is confidently printed onto 100% cotton museum grade Rag paper by Canson. Its archival qualities will see our prints lasting a lifetime within a decor arrangement. Boasting vivid colour and crisp detail these Fine Art Prints by WarBëhr offer a perfect way to introduce a conversational tone into any space.  

We use the ISO Standard Format  (A1, A2, A3 etc) when offering print size options. Where print sizes are described in inches this is an approximation and will be supplied to the closest ISO size

Each print is measured to fit within ISO standard sizes but can differ from one artwork to the next (refer to the diagram below).

We recommend consulting a professional framing service when framing your art print as buying a prefab frame may not suit. 

Print size guide compared to ISO standard sizes

Featuring WarBëhr - Commission Enquiries

Uniquely Australian, WarBëhr’s painting style appeals to a vast audience and diverse lifestyles, presenting excellent collectability. Open Edition (OE) art prints are a smart way to own a fine piece of art for a fraction the cost of an original.


Trade Printing - Trade Printing Enquiries

Mudgee Art House offers to artists and photographers a trade discount for high quality printing. Lower prices means better margins. We like to look at ourselves as “artists for artists” and understand the reality of the marketplace. 


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