Inktense ArtBox

Inktense ArtBox

This ArtBox opens an amazing world of Inktense water soluble colour medium from Derwent. Mixing with water Inktense can be applied onto all the art papers but can also be applied to fabric including shoes and jeans.

The main point of difference that sets the Inktense apart from other water soluble mediums is its permanent state when dry. This is similar to the behaviour of ink which is where its name derives.

So if you are into mixed media, graffiti art or just love colour then this is definitely a product you will love to get your hands on. 

This Inktense ArtBox contains:

  • 1x set of 12 coloured Inktense sticks
  • 1x A5 Reeves premium heavy drawing paper
  • 1x set of synthetic watercolour paint brushes

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