Budgie in Acrylics ArtBox

Budgie in Acrylics ArtBox

This ArtBox opens up the process of painting a budgie portrait using school grade primary colours in acrylic paint. Techniques explored in this workshop are not just limited to budgies, you can take what you have learned and use the knowledge in other portraits including people.

To begin with let's keep it simple and learn how to work with the paint on paper. Mistakes are always welcome and are actually an integral part of developing your style.

This workshop is definitely suitable for anyone that is new to painting and mixing colour and has a very soft entry into observational art.

This Inktense ArtBox contains:

  • 1x set of acrylic paints
  • 1x A4 Reeves premium heavy drawing paper
  • 1x mixed set of flat and round synthetic paint brushes
  • Monte Marte Acrylic palette
  • 1x apron

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