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Studio Services offers essential tools for artists seeking to add commercial dynamics to their studio practice, elevate their personal income and evangelise their Brand Story. In every instance commercial traction will be determined by the archival quality of the Art Image and the diverse creative opportunities that can be generated from a single work of art.

Our stand-out service is that systematically, after capturing the Art Image we match a printed proof of it against the original artwork while it's in the studio, being sure that everything is exactly how it should be. It is this 'artist-for-artists' approach that sets us apart, and by selecting one of two specific service avenues you will be moved in the direction of exciting new growth:

Going Your Own Way

Write your own rules and have complete autonomy over your Art Image. A single Art Image master file is prepared, proofed against the original artwork under studio conditions and supplied to you as a super-high resolution file. This image file is made available to download for a period of time after which is then archived.

The Production Lab

Combine the potential forces of art and business to explore new creative realities. Using your newly captured Art Image we produce for you a range of production files used to make Giclée fine art prints and provide consistency in your brand story from one project to the next. Think of us as an image control hub to your creative wheelhouse.

Photographing art is an artwork in itself and quality imagery can be the difference between connecting with your audience, or not. Our high-resolution photography captures artwork for archival and media application, with options for creating Giclée prints (repros) on cotton rag paper that are 10 times more advantageous than with normal SLR Photography, increase the archival value of your work and the desire to buy.

It's not only prints that grow your brand, with opportunity to have a qualified graphic artist at your finger tips your Art Image can be prepared for use in many different ways. From screen media through to print and merchandising, your Art Image remains versatile and purpose ready for when you need it most. The Production Lab service can purpose build images to suit your exact needs, project manage production of your chosen merchandising, or you can buy specific production files at any stage if you wish to manage a project on your own.

If you’re ready to bring more money into your studio and develop your brand story, then the next step is to produce a dynamic image of your artwork, prepared and ready for market.



Art Image Prices

Going Your Own Way:

$275ea (imaging plus one Art Image Master File)

The Production Lab:

$75ea imaging a single artwork (including web media file)

$50ea imaging between 2-10 artworks (including web media files)

$40ea imaging more than 10 artworks (including web media files)

Prices are subject to change without formal notice. Photo by Alexander Dummer and McGill Library on Unsplash.

The Production Lab is designed to uphold your brand, keeping guard over quality, colour and consistency across all your projects. To this effect we offer you the option for us to Project Manage specific and immediate goals, such as overseeing the production of printing onto merchandise.

In charging this task with an administration fee we can provide the specific files to the manufacturer required in producing the best result possible. When customised design work might also be required to produce a unique file for some projects we have you covered, and with free quoting at your fingertips your ideas can soon be realised.

It is worth noting that if you do not require Project Management, you can buy specific production files at any stage if you wish to manage a project on your own. Information on file prices can be found under Accessing Production Files (below).

Prices are subject to change without formal notice. Please Contact us for a quote today.

Fine Art Printing (Giclée)

Build your professional brand and income by creating high resolution, museum grade print reproductions (Repros) of your best work. Commonly referred to as Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay), Repros allow you to professionally and legitimately replicate your work to a professional standard through the application of premium pigment based ink onto luxury cotton papers, providing improved quality and longevity of your brand story.


In order to produce an archival product, we use papers that are made from 100% cotton otherwise known as ‘Cotton Rag’. Cotton Rag gives our Repros the look and feel of traditional fine art paper. The cotton also soaks up colour and, in turn, enhances detail. If you’ve never seen photo prints on cotton, you’re in for a treat.

Arches 88 is our premium range option. Originating in France and made from 100% cotton, Arches 88 is a luxury paper that provides an ultra-smooth surface finish.

Single purchase prices apply when ordering small or customised sized print.

We work with the following common measurements. Where a print does not conform to the exact below sizes, we use a “best fits” approach and recommend the size that will best fit your print:


A5 $15

A4 (8” x 10” best fit) $25

A3 $35

A2 $55

A1 $95

A0 $190

Bulk print pricing is available for the business savvy artist where a single image can be purchased multiple times in different sizes.


Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

If you prefer your Repros printed onto canvas we do that too. Our canvas is made from 100% cotton and prepared for digital printing. You can order your canvas un-stretched, delivered in a tube – or we can stretch it for you. All canvas prints are finished using Hahnemuhle digital print finish.


A4 $40

A3 $70

A2 $110

A1 $190

Stretched sizes POA

* Note: The above sizes require additional 7cm on all sides for wrapping around the canvas edges on which you can mirror your image, run a single colour or leave blank.

You do not have to be an artist to order prints - anyone can have a print made, with options ranging from a single print to Giclée Print Sets (for Artists).

Artist's Print Sets are typically set onto templates that include a paper framing margin of between 1-2 cm. The final paper sizes are compatible with the ISO standard formats (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) best suiting crystal-clear sleeve presentations.

If you already have your own images we can print those too, after a quick flight check to assess the capability and limitation of your files. We work with your specifications in achieving creative possibilities and professional results.

Production Files

Ascribed to the Production Lab service, Production Files are a range of files produced from the Art Image master file. They are used in various commercial applications such as fine art prints, online media (website and socials, etc) and other commercial goods.

We are happy to go in to bat for you when it comes to producing merchandise. Our experience in the world of graphics and working with creative suppliers is your fail-safe when exploring new ways to move your art. Find out more about our Project Management service.

If you prefer to go your own way when it comes to the bigger picture you will need to access suitable production files. You can purchase specific production files from us, giving you full use of that image any way you please. It pays to note that you don't need to buy everything on this list, for example, a large image file will serve the purpose of any smaller versions.

Production files are generated as TIF format and to within the containment of the specified size, at a resolution of 300dpi and allocated an sRGB colour profile.

Production File Prices

Art Image master file (release fee): $200

Print set (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5): $250

A0 print file: $180

A1 print file: $150

A2 print file: $120

A3 print file: $90

A4 print file: $60

A5 print file: $30

Note: The print set would be a great option for if you elect to manage your own printing.

Prices are subject to change without formal notice. Please Contact us for a quote today.

If you are bringing your own files, we will need to Flight Check them to determine their quality and usability. Images that have been professionally produced will typically be submitted directly for printing. However, if your files demonstrate quality concerns then some of the following services may be required to improve the file:

  • Image enlargement (improve resolution)

  • Colour correction

  • Image manipulation

We recommend that if you are bringing your own files that these processes be considered in order to provide premium print results and greater appeal and marketability.

Fee: Flight Check fee is $12 per image. Image improvements start from $25ea.

Digital image files produced by Mudgee Art House are held in service to the artist that commissioned the photographic work. The artist does not own the digital image file(s) unless otherwise purchased, inasmuch Mudgee Art House does not have rightful use of the image(s) without written permission of the artist. The artist can purchase a file(s) from Mudgee Art House giving the artist unrestricted use of that file(s); if purchasing a master file(s) a release fee is payable by the artist serving as the balance of the initial photography fee. If a purchase made by the artist includes an existing Master File, all files attributed to that one image will no longer be stored with Mudgee Art House unless requested otherwise in writing by the artist. All prices are subject to change without formal notice. Contact us for a quote today.

Image Enhancement Services

Mudgee Art House provides a specialised image enhancement service to assist with your marketing challenges that include image enlargement (up to 6x the size) while improving image quality and colour, providing for breathtakingly optimised prints.


We Pre-Flight Check your images prior to printing to ensure the quality, colour and replicable image is going to do the replication justice. As necessary we provide Image Enlargement (improve resolution), Colour Correction or Image Manipulation services to improve the quality of your image.


iPhone photos that really should not be printed any larger than A4 can now be printed the size of A1 - just as if they came out of a high-resolution scanner. You will be blown away with the results that can be achieved from your handy shots.

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash


Colour is critical!

Even more so for artists who run a business in Repro's of their work. The colour correction process can be as simple as adjusting/fixing your image, so it looks better or as critical as printing Repro test strips in order to get it exact.


Photographs are almost always affected by colour faults. Even studio photography may need some tweaking from time to time. Most colour issues are caused by incorrect white balance settings and sometimes by atmospheric reflections, such as the blue haze from the sky when photographing the ocean.

Other colour issues might not be colour so much as tonal issues where incorrect light values cause your picture to looking somewhat underwhelming and flat.

When using the Colour Critical process, we print versions of your print onto the rag paper to test the colour output of the file. This process is repeated until the process has reach the desired result.

Fee: Colour Critical Process $30 per print run which provides sampled sections of your image onto a paper strip that is approximately 112cm(W) x 20cm(H)

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


Photo corrections and manipulation can be tricky!

Sometimes what might take you hours to do with varying results, might in fact cost as little as $85 for fabulous end results. Our image editing service costs only $85/hr for professional results.

Examples of Image Manipulation might include:

• Removing people or objects
• Repairing damage
• Background removal
• Colour casting and temperature concerns
• Adding objects, people or backgrounds

Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn on Unsplash

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