Welcome to Mudgee Art House

Mudgee Art House is an art hub and coffee house established by local artist WarBëhr and Toni Behrens from TheMudFactory. Catering to the needs of artists within the mid western region, Mudgee Art House is the perfect place to begin, process and complete your creative proclivities.
Featuring professional art supplies and picture framing service "for artists by artists", Mudgee Art House will be a great fit for a range of creative needs. Also a coffee house, you can enjoy a rich dark espresso in a uniquely stimulating atmosphere. 


Home of WarBëhr

Home of local artist WarBëhr, Mudgee Art House has a great selection of WarBëhr Giclee prints in store that can be ordered during your stay in Mudgee. You can pick up a fully framed print for just $550. Alternatively, for the price of a framed print you can leave a deposit towards an original WarBëhr painting of your very own. Enquire directly with the artist on 0402 848 634, or click on the red tab below to leave a message.

Wild Ram by WarBehr