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Image. Print. Frame.

It is our delight to offer to you our Fine Art to Frame service for artists seeking professional imaging solutions that include fine art photography, Giclée on rag printing and archival framing.

Capture your artwork with precision, maintaining fine control over colour and image detail that is desirable in producing fine art prints. Mudgee Art House uses medium format camera technology to render amazing exposures that can produce large format prints in raw state greater than A0 (841 × 1189 mm).

Make prints do the work for you with our 100% Giclée printing service. We print onto 300gsm cotton rag by Canson. Archival in quality and creative in application, this paper can be used for "repro" runs or reworked as an original mixed media piece.

Our frames are individually handmade with high scrutiny using superior brands such as Bellini Fine Moulding, Crescent Select and Crescent Rag Mat in order to realise the quality we demand.

At Mudgee Art House your artwork is represented by informed artistic choices and technical resolve. Contact us today for more information on our Fine Art to Frame service.

Photography ~ Medium Format
Printing ~ Giclée on Rag
Framing ~ Archival

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