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Are you ready to take your artwork to a wider audience and generate an income from your passion?

Mudgee Art House has combined art tech with penny saving smarts in its much talked about art imaging service for artists. Our goal is to "get the artist to market", by providing you with reliable tools to expand the reach of your brand.

Come and talk to us about our line-up of very practical processes and we’ll help you move your art production onto a commercial platform.

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Photographing art for selling is an artwork in itself and great imagery can be the difference between connecting with your audience, or not.

If you’re ready to sell your art, then the next step is to effectively photograph your pieces for marketing purposes.

Our high-calibre photography equipment captures images with eagle-eye clarity and has the capacity to create large format repro prints up to A0 in fascinating colour-critical detail.

This level of photography is a real game changer in the art market, however, usually costs can be quite prohibitive. But not at Mudgee Art House!

With prices starting from under $100 you will be able to represent your art beautifully, attracting interest and sales in no time.

Included in our service:

Complimentary web-ready images for your online promotion and preparation of a set of print files ready to go whenever you are.

DropBox storage with options to purchase access to specific production files, if and when required

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Production files are a range of files produced from a single Master file. They are used in various commercial applications such as fine art prints and online media (website and socials, etc).

As a part of our Artwork Imaging service, we produce a set of print on demand files consisting of 6x ISO sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0). We supply a downloadable screen media file that can be used in your online marketing activity.

Production files purchase for use in your own project (per artwork):

Existing master file (release fee): $200

ISO Print set (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5): $250

A0 print file: $180

A1 print file: $150

A2 print file: $120

A3 print file: $90

A4 print file: $60

A5 print file: $30

Prices are subject to change without formal notice. Please Contact us for a quote today.

If you are bringing your own files, we will need to Flight Check them to determine their quality and usability. Images that have been professionally produced will typically be submitted directly for printing. However, if your files demonstrate quality concerns then some of the following services may be required to improve the file:

Image enlargement (improve resolution)

Colour correction

Image manipulation

We recommend that if you are bringing your own files that these processes be considered in order to provide premium print results and greater appeal and marketability.

Fee: Flight Check fee is $12 per image. Image improvements start from $25ea.

Artwork Photography (photography service only):

$75ea for up to 2 artworks

$50ea for between 3-10 artworks

$40ea for more than 10 artworks

Service + Master File release fees (Photography plus Master File):

$275ea for outright purchase (photography + master file)

$200ea release fee for an existing master file

Prices are subject to change without formal notice. Please Contact us for a quote today.

Digital image files produced by Mudgee Art House are held in service to the artist that commissioned the photographic work. The artist does not own the digital image file(s) unless otherwise purchased, inasmuch Mudgee Art House does not have rightful use of the image(s) without written permission of the artist. The artist can purchase a file(s) from Mudgee Art House giving the artist unrestricted use of that file(s); if purchasing a master file(s) a release fee is payable by the artist serving as the balance of the initial photography fee. If a purchase made by the artist includes an existing Master File, all files attributed to that one image will no longer be stored with Mudgee Art House unless requested otherwise in writing by the artist. All prices are subject to change without formal notice. Contact us for a quote today.

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